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Spot welding, stud welding, fasteners and refrigeration

The Company A.T.S. S.N.C. was founded in year 1983 initially as technical assistance and support in the field of spot welding, then following to several customer requests, the owner, Mr. Lamberti Bruno, decides to expand the potential of the Company acquiring the trading license for the marketing of welding systems and related spare parts.

During the years, already 30, the Company A.T.S. S.R.L. has seen a great evolution and expansion of its business activities with the first and only target of the "customer satisfaction"; in fact, in addition of selling the spare parts listed in the catalog and defined “standard”, we have specialized in manufacturing components according to customer specifications and designs, and any other component at request regarding the field of spot welding, welding and fixing.

The Company A.T.S. S.N.C., in the purpose of trying to entering more and more on the welding market and trying to solve any questions or problems concerning our customers, decided to establish a Quality System obtained with pleasure in year 2002: UNI EN ISO 9001:2000-2008 since year 2009. Our operating system is controlled and ruled by this Quality System.

Since the 01/04/2004 the Company A.T.S. S.N.C. has turned from a Partnership Company to a Limited Liability Company.

Moreover in the last years, thanks to the collaborators, we have designed and realized spare parts, accessories and automated welding systems according to specific customer’s request; Recently we also execute specific training concerning the resistance welding




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