Tecna Spot and projection welders - 100-630 kva

Nominal power at 50% d.c. from 100 to 630 kVA.

Main features

  • Direct current three phase welder. In comparison with a traditional welder, it offers the following advantages:
    - High mains power factor.
    - Reduced load on plant primary electrical service.
    - Balanced load distribution on the three phases.
    - Reduced effect of magnetic materials between arms on the welding current.
    - Reduced installation costs.
  • Welding control units with welding current direct reading.
  • Six-phase silicon rectifier with device to check the diodes proper clamping.
  • Protection of the diodes against excess voltages, and temperature.
  • Synchronous SCR contactor insulated from the cooling water circuit with protection thermostat.
  • Standard on all models: two-hand safety control with timer assuring the best safety, and removable key selector. The two-hand control push-buttons are standard on models and only (they are available on request on model ).
  • Two-stage electric foot control for clamping the pieces only if correctly positioned.
  • Preconnected for additional double stage electric foot control for the direct recalling of welding program No.2 (not on units equipped with the rotary selector recall).
  • Emergency push-button to stop the machine immediately.
  • Protection with automatic circuit breaker.
  • Water-cooled transformer, plates, electrode-holders and electrodes; transformer with epoxy resin coated windings.
  • Pneumatic cylinders with chrome plated stem and low friction seals which do not need lubrication (eliminates oil mist and to protect the environment). Adjustable double stroke with key control, cylindrical guided stems with ajdustable anti-rotation device, prismatic precision roller guides.
  • Complex pneumatic cycle, with electrode low force squeeze. Pressure program with forge function on demand.
  • Built-in compressed air filter unit and tank. Compressed air disconnecting device.
  • Electrodes descent without pressure for both maintenance and set-up.
  • Flow-switch which stops the machines if the cooling water does not flow (it works with either city water or recirculating water).
  • Valve to stop the flow of the water cooling when the machine is off.
  • TE553control unit.
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