3M Scotch-Grip™ 2510 is an epoxidic resin with high sealing values ​​of the threaded parts treated with low friction coefficient, recommended for assemblies subjected to high stresses and recommended for high temperatures.
3M Scotch-Grip™2510 is a high-performance adhesive product, applicable in a very precise area of ​​the male thread surface of screws, studs, caps, grains, etc., ferrous and non-ferrous (stainless steel, aluminum brass, and other plastic materials).
This adhesive formed by microcapsules is designed to be applied on fixing systems, dries and remains inactive until grafted into a nut screw or into a threaded cavity where, with the breaking of the microcapsules, its blocking and sealing properties are activated.
In a short time the adhesive hardens and the threads become blocked and sealed together.
Once 3M Scotch-Grip™ 2510 has hardened it resists many chemical agents, such as diesel, petrol, solvents, etc.
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    Product 3M Scotch-Grip™ 2510
    Resin Epoxy resin
    Colour Neutral / Orange
    Insert application Circular 360°
    Tension factor 0,26µ - 0,28µ
    Screwing torque Minimum
    Torque increment 1.1
    Running temperature -40°C + 200°C
    After assemblage polymerisation 100% after 48 hours at 20°C
    Screw reuse Cannot be reused
    Resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents Excellent
    Storage 4 years at about 20 °C (keep away from humidity)
    Variable diameters From 4 mm to 50 mm

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