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Spot welding, stud welding, fasteners and refrigeration



SPOT WELDING: We could define a resistance spot welding the fusion of two metals homogeneous via electrodes in copper alloy which transfer heat localizated at a point defined with energy in AC or DC. Electrical resistance welding, fixed wall, butt welding machines, welding rolls, welding control units, balancers and spot welders in special execution. Copper alloys, brass and bronze, electrodes in copper alloy, arms, braids, heads, electrodes sharpeners, cylinder blocks and all accessories for spot welding.

REFRIGERATION: process of forced cooling in order to maintain the tools or products at a controlled temperature by circulation of cooling fluid.

CLINCHING: cold union by deformation of interpenetration of a metal sheet inside the other

SELF PIERCE-RIVETING: the union of two metal sheets by cold self-pierce rivet 

STUD WELDING: is a surface welding that does not need the hole on the sheet. By discharge: by transfer of energy supplied by capacitor bank. Drawn arc stud welders, Inverters:  by the transfer of energy supplied by transformer with or without protection of the gas. Special applications, welding elements.


  • SELF FIXING LINE: studs, nuts, inserts ........ Consists in a threading system for thin perforated metal sheets which is applied with manual or automatic presses, galvanized iron or stainless steel.
  • INSERTS LINE: It 'a fixing system used to install a thread on particular thin thicknesses on special or difficult locations, where it would not be possible to achieve a tool threading. They are practical and quickly applied and offer high resistance features of galvanized iron or stainless steel



Management and Direction (dir): the direction is responsible of all organizational, technical and commercial aspects, establishes strategies, defines policy and objectives of the management system, executes periodic rewievs in close cooperation with rgq and vrgq and all the staff involved establishing goals. It defines the financial policies and investments of the Company, as well as business strategies. It coordinates and controls business subordinate functions, providing the necesssary resources for its proper functioning and developement. It points out the achievement of customers needs by statistical analyzes.   

Quality management controller (rgq):  it cooperates with the functions involved in creating, updating, testing, distribution of the quality manual and of the documentation of the quality management system.  Supervises, coordinates and verifies the correct management and application of procedures and specification described in the manual, and its implementations. Cooperates with the Company functions concerned promoting the improvement plans and their application, following the review of the system by Dir. collaborates with the dir for the formation and training of the staff, for the planning and execution of internal audits. Cares management systems documentations and controls the recordings. Represents the direction during inspecions of the certification authority. Tries to give the highest importance tho the customer's satisfaction taking care of verbalisation of pre/post sales/delivery through visits.

Commercial direction support (ass): is in charge to assist the management in the commercial field, must cooperate with all business functions, takes care of contact with current and potential customers, suppliers, giving the maximum attention to the application of procedures by providing the necessary resources together to the management to make  the right analysis choice and a proper development.

 Administration (amm): coordinates the administrative and financial Company's activities, invoicing, issuing bank receipts, controls payments and accounting with ordinary domestic budget preparation. Works closely with DIR.

Head of commercial office (ramm): performs the functions of general and commercial secretary, storing incoming and outgoing documents , routing phone calls to the different business functions.  

Purchasing Manager (racq): compiles and manages the orders placed related to the provisioning of equipments and materials, in cooperation with amm, RCOM, warehouse and the
Company technicians.

Technical Sales Manager (tec): manages and coordinates the service's activities both at customers's premises, both inside the corporate office, in cooperation with rapp, RCOM and warehouse and with external professionals.

Trade Representative (rapp): is the responsible of the activity of contacting customers and potential customers, working for the most part of the time outside the Company premises. For this position, in addition to the basic business experience, also a technical skill is required to become a valid support to customer's decisions. Cooperates with  dir/pres, amm, rcom, ragq and the warehouse.

Head of warehouse management and logistics (mag): Manages the proper and ordered storage of good in the Company, and manages the need to reorder the same materials.


















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