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Welding systems, welding studs, refrigeration, copper alloys, copper alloy electrodes, industrial applications, rivets, threaded inserts and fastening industrial systems

The Company A.T.S. S.N.C. was founded in year 1983 initially as technical assistance and support in the field of spot welding, then following to several customer requests, the owner, Mr. Lamberti Bruno, decides to expand the potential of the Company acquiring the  trading license for the marketing of welding systems and related spare parts.

Today A.T.S. Ltd. is a Company specialized in the sale and rental of capacitor discharge welder systems for welding joints, welding studs, copper alloys, copper alloy electrodes, industrial applications, self-pierce riveting, balancers, clinching, three-phases transformers, resistance welding, welding-control  machines, electrodes welder, welding cylinder, blind rivets, threaded inserts, threaded inserts for plastic, fasteners, riveting, inverter weldings, also offering to its clients an efficient assistance service throughout the whole Italian territory especially in the  Emilia Romagna's Area, Tuscany, Marche, Umbria and Abruzzo.

Services overview

  • Trade and assistance of electrical resistance welders, fixed wall, hanging, butt welding machines, welding rolls;
  • Welding controls, balancers, spot welders in special execution;
  • Copper alloy electrodes, arms, braids, standard and special;
  • Electrodes sharpeners, cylinder blocks and all accessories for spot welding and projection;
  • Flat and round copper alloy bars, copper and its alloys (CuBeCo, CuCrZr);
  • Closed circuit coolers, industrial chillers;
  • Welding studs capacitor discharge welders, drawn arc stud welders;
  • Welding studs, smooth welding studs, welding tupped padssingle ground clips/double ground clips, isolation cupped head pins, welding studs with large thread;
  • Threaded inserts for metalsheets, threaded inserts for plastics, blind rivets;
  • Riveters for blind rivets;
  • Hydro pneumatic threaded inserts riveter;
  • Electric and tapping machine with articulated arm;
  • Easyarm balanced articulated arm
  • Clinching and self pierce riveting  

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