Adhesives and sealants for any threaded component with different chemical-physical characteristics and mechanical properties for all industrial sectors that ensure a perfect union, preventing the dangerous unscrewing of the threaded coupling.
Depending on the resins used, the resulting function can be sealant, that is seal to fluids, braking to avoid loosening of the threaded junction, blocking to ensure the tightness of the threaded connection even in the presence of stresses with dynamic loads.
The company uses the best products on the market with very high technological content to satisfy all application needs and the ever increasing market demands.
Based on customer needs, A.T.S. can recommend the most appropriate solutions and follow the various processing steps from samples to the online application.
Workings in compliance with the DIN standard procedures.
ideal for automatic mounting,
it increases productivity;
resists vibrations and dynamic stresses even at high temperatures;
eliminates the need for additional fastening systems;
long shelf life of at least 3 years without being affected by humidity;
dry to the touch, safe and not dangerous for the operators and the environment.

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