The Torque’N’Tension UV Fluid is formed by a watery liquid base made-up of virtually neutral substances.

 It is applied to threading retainers which were previously protected against corrosion by protective coatings (hot-dipping galvanisation, mechanical or electrolytic galvanisation, organic and non-organic coating).

Once applied, Torque’N’Tension UV Fluid forms a dry, non-sticky film detectable to UV rays.

The lubricant’s target is to reduce the tension factor of the coated parts, and to control the tension during the assemblage with a set torsion rate. 

The non-lubricated fastener needs a greater torsion to tighten, and this is quite inconceivable without ruining the fastener in the attempt to reach the desired tension.

A correct lubrication of the fastener brings about conceivable and reproducible torsion-tension performance.

This provides safer joints for torsion controlled clamps.

Torque’N’Tension UV Fluid is applied to high-resistant coated clamps, in application, where rotating or nut clamp systems are used, and where there’s a need to control the rotating assemblage capability of bolts, nuts and washers.

Torque’N’Tension UV Fluid doesn’t evaporate, is non-toxic and colourless.

It is easy to handle and remains on the parts until their employment.


  • verifiable lubricant film
  • easy to use 
  • low-cost 
  • safe and secure
  • easy to handle


credit by Deltacommerce