Bench-type spot welders and inverter projection 2112D..2118D, rated power at 50% of continuous current from 32kVA to 90kVA.

Welders with medium frequency technology, designed to obtain high quality welds.

Cylinder and stem in thick chromed steel for heavy duty and long service life; adjustable anti-rotation device.

Pneumatic components that do not require lubrication against the emission of oil mist in the environment.

Cylinder with double stroke adjustable with key control (excluding the 2112D resistance spot welder).

Compressed air regulator filter unit included in the machine, compressed air supply disconnecting switch.

Welding electrode speed regulators, cylinder end-of-stroke shock absorber and exhaust silencers achieve minimum noise.

Two-stage electric pedal that allows the parts to be tightened and welded only if correctly positioned.

Predisposition for connecting an additional two-stage electric pedal for resistance welding with the recall of a different tacking program.

Welding transformer, plates, electrode holders and water-cooled copper alloy electrodes; resin encapsulated windings.

Two-hand control with timer for maximum safety and removable key selector provided for all models.

The dual control is supplied as standard only in projection welders, on request on spot welders.

Flow switch with flow indicator, prevents the operation of the welder without cooling.

The control cabinet that controls the medium frequency welder integrates the inverter, the TE700 welding control, the protection and safety devices.

Different sizes are available, depending on the strength of the resistance welding machine.

The cabinet is designed to be placed on the work bench next to the welding machine.

FAQ and insights

They are medium frequency (MF) electric welding machines designed for spot and projection welding of small parts in series. They offer high precision, speed and repeatability.

They are used in various industries such as:

  • Automotive: assembly of car components such as bumpers, headlights and dashboards.

  • Aerospace: construction of aircraft and aeronautical components.

  • Electrical and Electronics: sheet metal welding for the production of components in the electrical and electronics sector. 

  • Household appliances: manufacture of washing machines, refrigerators and other household appliances.

  • Short welding cycle: fast welding times for efficient production. 

  • High quality: precise and strong welds with minimum heat input.

  • Low distortion: reduces deformation of welded parts.

  • Energy saving: lower energy consumption compared to conventional resistance welders. 

  • Ease of use: intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • Power: 16kVA to 150kVA. Frequency: 1 kHz to 10 kHz.

  • Pressure force: 1000N to 5000N.

  • Dimensions: variable depending on model.

  • Features: digital control, electric foot pedal, water cooling.


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