Blind rivet

The blind rivet is a quick fixing system that easily allows the joining of two different or identical materials between which it is not possible to make welds, once applied it cannot be removed except by destroying the rivet itself.
The blind rivet is the ideal solution in applications accessible only from one side where high mechanical strength is required.
The blind rivet is an economical fixing system that can be used in many industrial sectors such as: sheet metal working, carpentry, the nautical sector and the automotive sector.
The blind rivets are available in different types, standard open type blind rivets, sealed type blind rivets, structural type blind rivets, multigrip type blind rivets, grooved type blind rivets and painted blind rivets.
A.T.S. can supply blind rivets in different types of alloys, aluminum, galvanized steel, A2 stainless steel, A4 stainless steel, Cu Ni stainless steel, Copper, brass.
The blind rivet is installed using the pneumatic riveting tool for blind rivets, suitable for accessing difficult areas such as boxed sheets, profiles and pipes.
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