A.T.S. is a qualified supplier of welding equipment for drawn arc welding and for short cycle welding studs, a type of welding most required in carpentry work.

The best-known drawn arc welding is the drawn arc welding with ceramic ferrule where an electric arc is fired between the stud and the component on which it is to be welded, obtaining in this way a complete fusion between the two, the ceramic ferrule protects the fusion from oxidation and slows the cooling, then it is crushed.

Another drawn arc stud welding or internally threaded studs welding is the gas protected arc welding, used for diameters up to 12mm where it is possible to weld threaded studs or welding studs such as shear connectors without the ceramic ferrule, protecting the welding with inert gas.

Another type of drawn arc welding is the short cycle stud welding, a welding process that involves the use of an electric arc to melt and join materials such as thin metal sheets or to work in difficult positions, obtaining a greater seal than the capacitor discharge stud welding.
In this type of short cycle stud welding are used the welding studs PS type up tp M8, internally threaded studs IS type and other welding studs included in the catalog.

FAQ and insights

The drawn arc stud welding is a process of union between a metal threaded stud on a metal surface through the use of special equipment that by the welding gun, activates an electric arc which melts the tip of the stud and the surface below creating a weld bath that is contained within a ceramic ferrule.

In the long arc cycle welding the welding stud or pin are welded by an electric discharge that melts the material and the melting bath is contained either in a ceramic ferrule or remains free cooled by an inert gas that is automatically activated inside a protective positioner placed on the gun.

In the short arc cycle welding the electric arc is generated in a time of a few ms, this results in much lower melting material than long arc cycle welding and is mainly used to weld threaded studs up to M8 on thin sheet metal.

At A.T.S. Lamberti we offer a wide range of welding machines suitable for drawn arc welding works such as welding shear connectors used in mechanical carpentry, the long cycle welding studs in shipbuilding. Normally the drawn arc welding machines that supplies A.T.S are used for processing medium-heavy carpentry instead, short cycle stud welding is mainly used in the automotive industry such as welding thin sheets or in difficult positions.

The key elements include a careful cleaning of surfaces, the choosing of the correct equipment that normally A.T.S. advises to the customer, a proper adjustment of welding parameters, and the use of certified drawn arc welding studs.

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