A.T.S. supply equipment and welding studs for drawn arc welding and short cycle welding, drawn arc studs welding are used in heavy carpentry when it is required a strong welding.
The most known drawn arc welding is drawn arc welding with ceramic ferrule where an electric arc happen between the stud and the component to which it is welded, thus obtaining a complete fusion between the two items, ceramic ferule has the function of protecting melt from oxidation and slowing down the cooling, after which it is crushed.
Another drawn arc welding is drawn arc welding with gas protection used for diameters up to 12mm where it is possible to weld studs without the ceramic ferule, protecting the welding with inert gas.
Another type of drawn arc welding is the short cycle stud welding used to weld studs up to M8 on thin sheets by obtaining a stronger welding than the condenser discharge welding.
With the short cycle welding studs it is used the PS type welding studs up tp M8, IS type internally threaded studs and other welding studs in the catalog.
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