Rivet nuts, blind rivets, clinch nuts, clinch studs, self clinching standoffs, blind rivets

Threaded inserts for sheet metal are fastening systems that allow a thread to be placed on very thin materials, also called threaded bushings. They can be supplied in cylindrical form or as hexagonal threaded rivets. Due to their geometry, hexagonal and semi-hexagonal rivets prevent rotation of the threaded insert within the hole. For the installation of the threaded insert, we supply the riveting machine for threaded inserts from M3 to M12. A.T.S. supplies threaded rivets, blind rivets, aluminium rivets, breakstem rivets, watertight breakstem rivets, painted breakstem rivets and high performance structural breakstem rivets for use with the pneumatic riveting machine. Self clinching threaded fasteners including self clinching spacers, self clinching nuts, self clinching threaded studs and captive screws are quick and easy to install sheet metal fastening systems that provide strong fasteners using hydraulic presses or pneumatic presses for gradual pressure self clinching studs.
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