Self clinch fasteners

The Self Clinch Fasteners have to be installed into a suitable hole on a sheet plate by a pressure, they allow to obtain a mechanical fixing of high resistance.
TheSelf Clinch Fasteners are a cold fixing system for sheet metal that occurs with a correct drilling dimension on the sheet metal and a correct gradual mounting pressure through hydraulic presses or pneumatic presses for self clinch fasteners, thus obtaining strong sealing fastenings.
The Self Clinch Fasteners are available in different types, self clinch studs, self clinch nuts, self clinch standoffs, self clinch panel fasteners, self clinch flush head pins and self clinch broaching standoff.
A.T.S. can supply Self Clinch Fasteners in galvanized steel, Self Clinch Fasteners stainless steel 303 and Self Clinch Fasteners stainless steel 400.
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